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GM Water Solutions are here to solve many different water problems. Whether it be a leaky pipe or a whole new water system we can provide a solution! Feel free to GET IN TOUCH

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Based on Exmoor with a catchment area covering much of Devon and Somerset and with someone always available to take your call, emergencies are made less stressful. If its an emergency and you NEED US NOW, Phone: 07817713693

Water Treatment Systems

The incorrect pH level of water can result in damage to your water systems which includes copper pipework, boilers and appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. Water filtration systems work to correct the pH levels and can also help with the removal of iron, magnesium, calcium and other chemical substances that can cause corrosion and damage your health. Noticeable symptoms that you may be affected include blue or green stains in places where water collects such as baths and sinks.

When using water from boreholes and springs, many people assume that the water is of a pure quality. Although this is possible, often it is not the case will can contain unwanted bacteria and harmful compounds.

If this is the case, then we can supply a pH correction unit which works to balance the pH of the water back to a neutral level.

water filter system

Sewage and Drainage

With over 12 years experience in the sewage and drainage industry we are able to provide a comprehensive solution to any foul water problems you may be experiencing. Broken pipes, sewage treatment systems and above ground soakaways for problematic draining ground are just some of the services we are able to offer.

Sewage system replacement in progress

An recent example of this is where sink waste was plumbed in to a storm drain and then going in to a well. After re-diverting with a new system to the foul line, the well was then emptied/cleaned and a water pump was installed for watering the garden.

Sewage system replacement completed

Water Harvesting

Why not think about one of our water harvesting units? It saves and stores your own water that falls onto your roof(s) and recycles it! This is a cost effective way of saving money in the long term. Householders who are on water meters will benefit form this greatly as the water can be used to flush toilets, run the washing machine, water the garden and wash the car. As you can see by the chart below, over half the average water bill is formed from this usage.

Rain water harvesting system
Water usage chart

Culvert Replacement

We are experts in the repacement of water culverts.

Culvert replacement in progress
Culvert replacement completed
Culvert replacement in progress

Ground Works

We can undertake all types of groundworks from excavating to topping

Excavation in progress
Topping in progress

Bore hole filtration

In areas where bore holes are a necessity, so is ensuring the purity of the water that comes from them. We are able to supply and fit filtration systems for private and commercial clients, from simple water strainers to a whole large bespoke system to include UV/Bacteria lights, filters and pressurised systems. Pictured is a system we installed, with a pressure vessel for a farm in which the house had minimal water storage. This can also be used in a variety of different ways. This system minimises use of the bore hole pump and maintains household pressure.

Bore hole filtration system